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My husband is a painter on the side and has always refused to let me burn candles in the house. I learned about soy candles and how they don’t produce the black smoke and soot like paraffin candles do. I must say, I am HOOKED on A little comfort to the dreamers now! I’d ordered from a previous vendor before and the smell just wasn’t as strong as I wanted. A little comfort to the dreamers definitely is! These are Great smelling candles! They smell amazing and are the perfect amount of strong. I LOVE that! - Julie IL

I struggle to define this candle's fragrance. Soft, but not powdery. Maybe a little lemon? Fresh, certainly. Overall, just a very nice smell, with a go-with-almost--anything off white color base. So, yes, maybe "ethereal".....heavenly!

I'm not a big fan of fruit smells, but these are done very tastefully and sweet!

Fresh bergamot is such a refreshing scent! It's like citrusy, but not...and clean smelling at the same time.

______ Julie ______

Great smelling candles!

______ NowASoutherner ______

Fresh Bergamot

______ akaisha ______

Blackberry & Berry

______ Julia ______

Fresh Bergamot

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