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The Tothedreamers.com account activation process
 Here's a more detailed description of the activation process:

    After you create your Tothedreamers.com account, you need to activate your account by completing the following tasks:
       1, Provide your company details, goverment registration copy and company photos.
       2, Verify your company email not a general email.

 It's important that you do these tasks, otherwise we won't be able to complete the activation process.
 Next, we automatically review your information to check it complies with our policies and set up the rest of your account. It typically takes our specialists less than  5days to complete the review but sometimes it can take longer. When we've    completed the review, we'll send you an email with details on your activation status.
 Once your Tothedreamers.com account is fully activated, You can login our site and you can see product lists and prices.