Lavender  oil is commonly extracted from the Lavender plants by steam distillation. Traditionally it has been used for its healing powers from a sedative to a natural antiseptic.

It was also commonly harvested for its unique aroma which has been prized not only as an excellent ingredient in perfumes but also in sachets and potpourris.

For centuries, English farmers used Lavender flowers to prevent headaches and sunstroke by placing the buds in their hats while they worked.

Interestingly, during World War I Lavender was used by hospitals as an antiseptic and disinfectant, treating wounds and sterilizing medical equipment.

Today, we use Lavender in much the same way. You’ll find it in a myriad of products ranging from bubble bath to high end skin care products and even topical scar treatment medicine.

That being said, it has become much more economical for some companies to use synthetic Lavender fragrance oil which does not offer the same therapeutic benefits as its natural counterpart.
Lavender  Oil Benefits

Lavender  oil has a light, fresh aroma which blends well with many other essential oils including Tea Tree oil, Sweet Almond oil , Coconut oil and Vitamin E.

So what are some of the specific ways you can use Lavender essential oil? Here are 7 practical ways to get you started:

    Headaches and migraines – Lavender  oil has a calming aroma which makes it an excellent nerve tonic. It aids in treating migraines, headaches, anxiety, depression, nervous tension and emotional stress.
    Insomnia – Lavender  oil is ideal for those who have trouble falling or staying asleep as it improves the length and quality of sleep.
    Scrapes and wounds – Due to its powerful antiseptic properties, Lavender essential oil can increase cell growth and aid in the formation of scar tissue. It has been used to heal wounds, cuts, burns and sunburns rapidly.
    Anxiety and depression – It is an excellent tonic for the nervous system. It’s known to remove nervous exhaustion and restlessness while increasing mental activity and relaxation.
    Digestive issues – Lavender soothes the lining of the digestive tract and increases the mobility of the intestine. In addition to this, lavender stimulates the production of gastric juices and bile and thus aids in treating indigestion, stomach pain, colic, flatulence, vomiting and diarrhea.
    Skin care – Just like it can be used for scrapes and wounds, lavender essential oil can also be used to treat skin disorders such as acne, burns, dry skin, eczema, itchy skin, sunburn, seborrhea and skin inflammation.
    Pain relief – A regular massage with Lavender essential oil provides relief from pain in the joints as well as pains caused by sore muscles, tense muscles, muscular aches, rheumatism, sprains, backache and lumbago.

Simply put, lavender  oil is a must-have for every home and is a great asset in treating a number of health concerns.